Ecotherapy –Connecting with Nature Heals

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Something changes in my body and mind when I enter a forest or visit the ocean.  I start to relax and feel calm.   Being outdoors especially out in the country makes me feel serene, peaceful, and content.  I became … Continued

Integrating practice models and use of self: Study and consultation group for psychotherapists

I’ve never liked the term “eclectic” which is commonly used by psychotherapists who combine more than one model in practicing psychotherapy.  It describes what we don’t do–subscribe to just one school of practice–but it leaves clients clueless about what we … Continued

Thoughts For Therapists

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  Listen to Your Creative Self Recently, as I listened to a client, I noticed that she seldom made “I” statements of any kind even to say that she .  Instead, she reflected on her life as a passive observer. … Continued

The Importance of Supervision, Consultation, and Training for LCSW’s

Many masters level social work and counseling graduates begin to practice with a lot of knowledge, but little experience in psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is both a skill and an art, and it takes careful processing  and diligent study to become a … Continued

Depression, isolation and connection

Today in my psychotherapy group, “Living Well with Bipolar Disorder and Depression,”  we  discussed isolation vs. connectedness.  Group members shared that while  isolation is often their choice when depressed,  ultimately connecting with others is more helpful to them. Group members … Continued

Considering Therapy?

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Whether you are experiencing difficult challenges in your life or just wanting to find more joy and fulfillment, working with a skilled and caring therapist can help. Therapy is a process of self-examination, discovery, insight and development which evolves in … Continued