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Psychotherapy leads to growth and change

Psychotherapy is a healing process that happens between a client and a skilled psychotherapist.  Often called “talk therapy,” psychotherapy involves a deep exploration of current problems, difficult feelings, relationship issues, and the role of early life experiences.  Psychotherapy is different with each client depending on his or her goals and needs.

I use an integrated approach to psychotherapy based in a solid therapist/client relationship.  I work within a psychodynamic framework and draw from many models to use the most effective tools for helping my    clients.   These models include  cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and modern analysis.  I also practice ecotherapy and incorporate creativity into sessions with some clients.

Psychotherapy can produce many levels of change. Personal growth and self-acceptance are  often achieved in addition to solving current problems.

Depression and anxiety are known be successfully treated through psychotherapy.  This is accomplished by understanding the problem fully, resolving underlying issues, and tackling the symptoms through cognitive behavioral methods and mindfulness.

Psychotherapy can also increase your skills in communication, self care, emotion management, relaxation, parenting, conflict management, and assertiveness.


Psychotherapy Can Help With:

  • Inability to reach goals; dissatisfaction with life
  •  Worry, anxiety, feeling stressed much of the time
  • Low energy, disinterest in usual activities, sadness, tearfulness,irritability, hopelessness, insomnia, suicidal thoughts
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Persistent disturbing thoughts or memories related to a traumatic incident
  • Confusion, forgetfulness, “spacing out”
  • Conflicts or distance in your relationships; loneliness or isolation
  • Major transitions—marriage, divorce, a move, illness, retirement,death of a loved one, new parent, empty-nest
  • Parenting issues
  • Marital issues
  • Sexual problems
  • Low self esteem
  • Addictions or compulsions


What Happens in a Psychotherapy Session?

 I will help you learn how psychotherapy works, and you will help me understand what you need from our sessions.  In therapy sessions you talk about emotions, significant life events, frustrations, relationships, and desires. We will often discuss how the therapy process is going for you and how you feel in the sessions.

I am there to support you in the process and find the right balance between challenge and comfort. 

What Kind of Sessions are Available?

Individual therapy

We meet one-to-one on a regular basis for 45 minute sessions.  My fee is 175.00.

Couples therapy

I work with struggling couples to help them build a more satisfying relationship. Specific conflicts or issues such as sex, money or

parenting often lead to deeper issues related to emotional intimacy and unmet needs.  My fee is 175.00.

Group psychotherapy

Group work has a more interpersonal focus. Through weekly group interaction you can improve how you relate to others and learn about how others experience you. Group helps people feel less isolated by providing a place to feel seen and heard. Group members can improve their ability to connect intimately with others and experience relationship challenges with the support of a therapist. Group provides connection, support, education and mirrors to the self. Group therapy is both affordable and effective.  Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes for 60.00 per session.

Nature therapy

Nature is a healing force. Increasing your connections with nature can reduce depression and anxiety, facilitate the process of grief and loss, and help you find the answers you are seeking. One day per week and in weekend workshops I lead clients through a deeper experience of nature. Contact me for more information at 512-327-5001.  Individual nature therapy is a 75 minute session for 250.