Couple's therapy, Austin TX
Blue Couple by Tammy Brown

Help for Hurting Couples

Because the deepest wounds occur in relationship with others, the deepest healing occurs in relationships as well.

Stressful situations in parenting or step-parenting, financial worries, transitions, illness, or a major situational change can challenge any relationship.

In couple’s therapy, I help couples understand what is happening  between them in a troubled relationship and how their problems relate to old patterns. I help each individual identify and take responsibility for on their own part in the relationship problem, and work to identify  each person’s  needs and vulnerabilities

Goals in couple’s therapy

  • Stop the behaviors that hurt your relationship
  • Strengthen your ability to handle wounds and conflicts when they inevitably occur
  • Communicate effectively
  • Address specific conflict areas and create a solution
  • Build intimacy and resilience in your relationship
  • Heal the wounds through empathy and understanding
  • Let go of old, negative stories about your partner and see them with new eyes

Couple’s therapy is relationship therapy

I also work with parent/child relationships, co-workers, divorced parents, and any relationship where there is a desire to for growth.