The Unexpected

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Monday a large wild turkey appeared outside my office window. My office is just off of a highway, but backs up to an urban greenbelt.  I see song birds, brown squirrels and a few large black rock squirrels, but this was unexpected.  The turkey has been hanging around for 3 days now, and I’m still not used to seeing this large fowl grazing about and sometimes looking right in the window.  When clients catch sight of her for the first time, they are surprised and amused.  Both of my psychotherapy groups had fun watching her, and even naming her.  She’s now known as Prudence.  Honestly, Prudence has been a distraction, but has also provided some wonderful shared moments of laughter.   Occasionally, during sessions a dark thunderstorm blows in, a cedar waxwing alights at the  feeder, a wild turkey appears at the window, and  the outside world demands attention.  And that’s okay.  We share a different kind of experience, and then, enriched, turn back to the work at